Final Cut Pro and Video Scribe

  • Is it possible of me to add different video scribe videos to a main video I'm editing in Final Cut Pro. I've filmed the main video on my own and only need VideoScribe for a few sections of the video. If yes, how do I do this? I need help ASAP :(

  • Hi Cassandra,

    As a Pro user you can render a scribe to the following formats:




    You can also render as a Jpeg or PNG sequence which can be inserted in to Final cut Pro.

    Documentation on how to import media into Final Cut Pro can be found on Apple's Support Site

    You may also find the advice on one of our Blog Posts helpfull too

  • I'm not exporting..I"m importing. How do I import a .scribe file into final cut pro?

  • Just to clarify:
    You cannot import a .scribe file into final cut pro because a .scribe file is not a video. It is a work file that is only intended to be opened and edited in videoscribe.

    As Joe mentioned, paying videoscribe members can export video from videoscribe in the formats listed in his previous post . Some of THOSE video types can probably be imported into final cut pro. (You will have to consult the user manual or the help site for final cut pro for more specific information about what video types you can import into final cut pro.)

    I hope that makes sense,
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I know I'm a technological idiot, but in order to render to a .mov I paid a one month subscription and now I cannot even get back on the site

  • Hi Doug,
    Don't worry, this question has been asked before!

    There is a website and there is a computer program. To make a scribe, you have to use the program which is installed on your computer. You cannot make a scribe on the website.

    If you have videoscribe installed on your computer (or ipad), find the icon to start the program and run the program. Then sign in using the same information that you used to login to this website. Next click the PLUS symbol (+) to create a new scribe (if you have version 1 instead of version 2 then you click the "create" button to start a new scribe) or click the thumbnail image of one of your previous scribes to continue working on it.

    Hope that helps,
    Mike(videoscribe user)


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