Parafraze for Android and PC?

  • Will it be available?

    Looks FABLEEOUS, but not everyone has Apple kit.

    Will it also be available for PC's or is it just a phone app.


  • I like the app's potential but when you record the sound it captures the taps that are required to advance from word to word. I would prefer to be able to record all of the audio first and then play it back while tapping for the words to advance. That would eliminate the recording of the taps and provide greater flexibility
  • Hi Bruce,

    Glad you like the look of it.

    In it's first phase of release it will just be available on iPhone/iPad

    If it becomes popular then we will consider development for other platforms too.

    Brent, thanks for your suggestions.

    Hearing the tap is something we are aware of, if you apply a softer tap then the Mic will not pick it up.


  • Is it possible in current release to export the Parafraze as video, (I have not seen it obviously!)?

    If so I can see HUGE potential to use it an import into eLearning projects, and may even go and get myself an iThingy to exploit that potential.

  • Hi Bruce, you can export the videos created in ParaFraze.

    It is Free to upload to Facebook or to export unlimited videos to your Camera Roll it is $4.99.

  • Thanks.

    What's a "Camera Roll"?

    I want to export/download to my PC and them use as I use Videoscribe .mov files in other media projects. Can I do this?

    Yours hopingly...


  • Hey Bruce,

    The Camera Roll is where pictures and videos taken on a iPhone/iPad are stored. In the latest versions of iOS, this is the photos option.

    You can usually share items like this via Dropbox and other means e.g. email viber/facebook/What's App etc.

  • In that case - probably best to try it out, and MAYBE also time for this link, (only happens on VERY rare occasions).


    Thanks for all the help and advice Joe.

  • Ren and Stimpy, a lot of childhood memories.....

  • Hi, I think this app has great potential. But the fact that the timing of the animation only gets createad via speech Is very limiting. First of all, I would like to do an animation without voice. Second, it is clumpsy to time so that it is hard to get it sound natural. I would love to see a timeline or some other way to get the timing right (without having to tap for every word).



  • Must Have Parafraze for PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please.


  • Hello!  Anyway to import in an audio file for a more natural end product?


  • Hi PL,

    From my understanding after a discussion with our developers, iOS will not allow Parafraze to import mp3's from the device.

    There is a feature request to enable MP3 imports via url like we have with VideoScribe Anywhere however there are no immediate plans to introduce new features 

    into Parafraze at time.

  • Thanks Joe, would love to see maybe a beta of Parafraze into desktop like TAWE?  That would be awesome!!!


  • Indeedie..  I think Iyam kwite  good with wurdz..  wud absoLOOTly luve an Android or PC parafraze  :)


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