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  • Hi, I submitted this post last week and I wondered why I had no response, thought must be all the Christmas parties. But then I realised that this was Sparkol and Mike and despite Christmas parties they would have got back to me - so I went and checked my post and lo and behold, it says page not found, so I am guessing something has gone awry, or possiby lots of parties - anyway here it is again.

    My client is asking for my final scribes in Windows Media 9 files, which has a .wmv extension.  Apparently there is a “codec” as well that they could give me? 

    Can you tell me when I render to .wmv, 1080 and 60 fps if this will be a Windows Media 9 file and (if you can) what the codec is?



  • Hi Amanda,
    The good news is that if you have a pro membership, you are correct that you can save as a WMV  and that means Windows Media Video. I do not think you need to install any extra codecs for that.

    The bad news is that the WMV files exported by videoscribe (I'm currently testing this with version 2.1) appear to be in windows media video 8 instead of windows media 9. The video will play in windows media player 9 (or newer) of course, but the video properties will show Windows Media Video 8 instead of Windows Media Video 9.

    I think that you can convert video to Window Media Video 9 if you download the current Microsoft Expression Encoder (free):
    (I do not think that converting to Windows Media Video 9 will provide any actual benefit aside from giving the client the specs that they asked for. The quality or file size may or may not be noticeably affected for better or worse.)

    I am not a video expert, so customer support or other users may have different suggestions.

    Hope that helps,
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • It appears that something (minor) is wrong with the help forum.

    My first reply above (from yesterday), never showed up during the past 24 hours approximately as the most recent reply on the main page which lists the thread titles and recent replies: When I viewed the thread today, my reply was not visible until after I logged in.

    ((EDIT: if the forum is load balanced among two or more servers, maybe one of them had a hiccup. A day later and everything seems to be showing up as normal.))

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Mike, we had a look for any errors that may have occurred on the network and could not find any.

    There is a possibility there may have been a slight problem that resolved itself shortly afterwards.

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