Making elements go away when switching to next element

  • I want to buy this product but your web site is not giving the answers I need.


    1) I want to have the elements disappear off the page when it goes to the next one. (I.e., I want to start with a new canvas right before drawing next element!!)

     I have played with camera position but not joy.  I have also un-checked the zoom out when end box. Why is the camera position so anemic?  I did not see a tutorial on setting camera positions. The system seems to do certain zooming automatically. Do I control this with "-", "+" or with the camera.  I'm so confused by this.

    2) What features (above what you describe on site) are available on Pro Version?

  • Hi,
    1) you can set a different camera position for each element so the camera moves to a blank place on the canvas before each element is drawn (or you can set the camera in the same position so it does not move for multiple elements). Camera movement is explained in the (second video) tutorial videos and PDF on the instant answers page. (You move the camera by clicking and dragging  the canvas around while no elements are selected. You set the camera by clicking the "set camera" icon in the lower right corner. If you do not set the camera yourself then videoscribe will assign a default position for each element.)

    I'd recommend watching all of the videos.

    2) The features of the free, pro, edu and apps are described on the features comparison page (accessible through the Instant Answers page) : compare-videoscribe-licence-features

    -Mike (videoscribe user)
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