how do i find the no hand option?

  •  how do i find the no hand option?

  • Hi

    1) with a scribe open,  either click the hand icon at the top of the screen (to change all of the hands for the whole scribe) or click options icon for an element in the timeline and then click the hand icon to change the hand for that element.

    2) from the hands menu, choose the blank thumbnail with no hand in it to select "no hand" then click the check mark icon to close the preview window.

    Hope that helps,

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • It's in "hands" - just select the blank box.

  • Can't find the no hand in videoscribe app on phone. Where can I find if?
  • I don't think the app has any hand options. It is a very simplified version of videoscribe.

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