Default view of text frame / copy text does not select

  • The following issues were present in 2.03 and 2.1

    When I create a text item it is always placed on the canvas larger than the canvas with no handles to reduce - would it not be better to default to full canvas width with handles visible? Much easier to re-size and much quicker to see if I need to go back and add a line break.

    Sometimes when a text frame is copied and pasted it shows as selected, but it is not, if I try to move it, the whole canvas moves. This happens frequently but I cannot easily replicate it. 

  • When videoscribe imports any image or text. it scales the element based on height only. Very wide elements, like one long line of text, will be imported wider than the canvas. elements that are more square like a paragraph will import at a better size.

    I'm not saying it is a good system but it is predictable. A horizontal line will import huge, a vertical line will import small. Elements for which the width and height are similar values usually import at a reasonable size. elements for which the width is about twice the height will also import at a good size.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks for your insight. As you say, not perfect. Fit to screen, with resize anchors visible would be a better solution, I think. A horizontal line would fit to width a vertical line would fit to height. Colin
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