Adding music freezes

  • I have installed and uninstalled videoscribe many of the times.All the versions tried , but adding music freezes the window.And no window appears , in short music window freezes and no music category appears.Please help me with this..

  • You must be connected to the internet during the free trial of VideoScribe. Make sure you are connected and if you are working from within an office or school make sure you IT administration team are aware of the following information.

    Some offices and schools have network, security and permission restrictions that will affect the installation and use of new software. Please speak to your network administrator about the restrictions.

    VideoScribe information for network administratorsDomains

    To use VideoScribe you will need to be able to connect to the following domains either directly or via a proxy:

    Subdomains of (e.g. on port 80. In future we will also use port (port 80/443) (port 80/443)File save location

    Users will need to be able to save files in the local AppData folder in: C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\Roaming

    You will need to ensure that the users profile is configured to point to this folder location.

    Other considerationsIf you are using a proxy, please check if there are any limits on size of uploads as this may affect saving files onlineIn Windows, VideoScribe should use the proxy server settings from Internet ExplorerIf you are able to connect to the relevant domains with Internet Explorer without having to enter credentials, VideoScribe should workYou may need to add the VideoScribe application as an exception on any antivirus or firewall softwareAn administrator may need to install VideoScribeEnsure you’re using service pack 3 at least, if running VideoScribe on Windows XP

    Minimum system requirements

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