Drawing scanned illustrations properly

  • Hi,

    I want to convert drawings that were provided to me in a regular photo format, into proper SVG.

    I've read guides and know how to use the 'trace' in illustrator, but there are few problems with this technique:

    1. The order of the drawing is messed up. Although I know how to change the order of drawing (by changing the order of layers), but the problem is that the strokes are messed up and are not "real strokes" as they should've been if an artist would've draw this drawing.

    2. VideoScribe draws the outline of the strokes and the filling pops up at the end.

    Attached are the original image and the traced image. 

    Can you please advise on a better technique?

    Another short question:

    If I were to have my artist draw the drawings straight into illustrator, how would you recommend him to work in order to produce SVGs that will have a proper drawing order? Simply dividing the drawing into layers?

    Thank you

    (66.3 KB)
  • Hi,

    (Although you are using the word "strokes", referring to stroked paths, your SVG actually contains FILLED paths which draw as outlines and then fills unless you work a little magic on them as discussed in the links I provided).

    How to make SVGs that draw well in videoscribe.


    Your problem is discussed in step#1


    Official Instant Answer: Create your own SVGs

    Hope that helps,

    -Mike (videoscribe user)
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