How is the following video done?

  • I'm not able to figure out how they created the images for the following video:

    After slowing down the video, it doesn't look like the hand is really drawing every single stroke in the image.

    It looks like they put a layer of pencil on top of the images they created. But if that's the case, then how is it so accurate?

    Take second 00:36 and watch it on 0.25 speed.

    I mean, when I try to overlay a stroke and I have a drawing with many details - the strokes usually overlap each other, which causes some details to be revealed when the hand is drawing a stroke that was just close to it (because the stroke is too thick).

    For example, at second 00:42 they are drawing the frame of the paper he's holding, without exposing anything from what's inside the paper itself (which comes only later at 00:43).

    It also doesn't make sense to me that they're using such a thin stroke, since it will require A LOT of tedious work.

    So do you have an idea of how to accomplish such a nice drawing style?

    Thank you

  • Oops, typo in the title, "How is the following video done?"

  • Hi,

    Thin lines in the art. Smaller pencil strokes reveal fewer details with each stroke. You just have to be very accurate about where you place them.

    However you can see that some of the adjoining strokes and cross strokes are partially revealed sometimes. (like at :36 you can see the line coming out of the back of his head where his hand will be)

    Also the angles of the custom hand and pen help conceal some of the art as it is being drawn.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thank you

    So what is the more common way of doing such professional videos?

    Isn't it better that the drawings were created using the pencil at the first place, instead of overlaying pencil on top?

    Also, can you please let me know what other tools will draw "smoothly" in VideoScribe other than the pencil, without having the need to overlay pencil over them?

  • Anyone?

  • Hi,

    It's all up to the preference of the person making the video or the client that they are making it for.

    If you want the "style" of tapered line art and color fills being drawn in, then you use the reveal strokes they way they were used in that video. If you prefer the simpler method of drawing your art with the pencil tool, and you like the way it looks, then you use that method

    The pencil and pen tool create stroked paths that draw smoothly in videoscribe.

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    -Mike (videoscribe user)
  • Thank you :)

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