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  • By the way - you cannot copy and past into this field....I wanted to paste a message and the only way twas to use the code snippet box- why can't you paste text here ?- please...don't do things like that - it is annoying and time wasting...

    hopfully my constuctive comment is below:


    I really need the following feature.... I have lots of "components" that I have made in scribes - sometimes they are quite time consuming. I would love to save one, two three or more "components" in a scribe to a component library and import them to a new scribe. For example, my beginning or endings for tutorials, my copyright statements, even nice features that I use a lot, I want to put them in my own library just like your libraries.....If I could do this, it would increase my efficiency a ton....


  • Yeah, it's a real pain in the butt. I'm glad to see someone else mention it. I haven't been able to copy and paste into the body of my posts here for a couple of months:

    and we are no longer able to edit our own posts:

    As for your suggestion, you can open one scribe, select multiple elements, copy them and then open a new scribe and paste them in.  You can save each of your "components" as an individual scribe and name them for easy identification.

    I hope that helps,
    Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Mike

    thanks - I did not know this - I tested it - works great- but I would still love to have my "component blocks" in a library accessible from within the scribe...

    but - you just saved me a ton of time - thanks


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