Using VideoScribe for Commerical Purposes

  • Hello, 

    We have a Youtube channel where we upload videos for educational purposes. We get money from the Ads sponsored in our channel and website. We would like to make sure that this is permitted by Videoscribe. 

    Is having the Ads considered under the permitted commercial use?

    Also, is the permitted commercial use restricted to the period of the subscription? (The videos uploaded might be there even after the subscription to Videoscribe has ended)

    Thank you,

  • I can confirm you can use the videos commercially on your website or YouTube and get ad revenue from those videos after your license has expired - the video is yours to keep and use.

    However, it's worth noting that you can't resell a video created with VideoScribe (either on a stock site or commercially) unless you have an active Pro license.

  • Thank you Matthew for your answer! Much appreciated :)

  • Hi Matthew,

    I work for an educational publisher and we are looking to possibly use VideoScribe for some new videos. These videos would be companion media to a laboratory manual, and would be uploaded to the lab manual's companion website for student review of specific topics in anatomy. While we wouldn't be selling the videos individually, we would be selling access to the website that the videos live in. Does this type of usage require the active Pro license? 



  • Hi Nicole, you would need an active Pro subscription to do this as it comes under the on-selling mentioned in section 2.2 of our terms and conditions.

  • Thank you, Daniel. Could you please direct me to where I might find pricing information for an active pro subscription on the VideoScribe website? I've looked in a few different places, and am not seeing information on this type of license/subscription, specifically. 

  • Hi Nicole,
    Please see the link and section number Daniel provided in his previous reply, and look for the term "on-sell".

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks, Mike. However, this does not answer my question regarding where I may find details about the pricing of active pro subscriptions. 

  •  Oh, you are right! I completely misinterpreted your question.
    Clicking the BUY link at the bottom of this page will show you the monthly, annual and lifetime prices for PRO subscriptions. (There are no special/different types of PRO subscriptions that deal specifically with on-sell. )

    Links on that page will also lead you to educational pricing (not appropriate for your purposes) and group packages.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • I see the prices listed, but I'm not sure which is the active pro license. The only "license" I see are team licenses and education licenses. I understand the active pro license is different from the education license. Any help on the pricing for the active pro license would be much appreciated. 

  • The license types are "FREE", "PRO" and "EDU"  (and"mobile app")

    The subscription types for PRO members are: Monthly, Annual, and Lifetime (as shown on the top of the BUY page. clicking one of those three options will give you a PRO subscription. "Active" means any subscription for which the payments are up-to-date, giving you access to the videoscribe program and the associated rights to use the product.

    In other words, an "Active Pro License" is any one of those three subscription plans for which your payments are currently up-to-date.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Excellent! Thanks very much for clarifying this, Mike. Very helpful!

    - Nicole

  • Hallo everybody.

    Quote "However, it's worth noting that you can't resell a video created with VideoScribe (either on a stock site or commercially) unless you have an active Pro license."

    That means if i buy a lifetime licence i'm allowed to resell my videos ?

  • Hi Dalibor,

    That is correct, if you have a One-Off licence you can sell videos.

  • Hi, 

    I've a pro account for 1 year.

    I'm creating videos using videoscribe and than editing them with some other program. I'll upload them to a platform like udemy.  

    So after 1 year (my videoscribe pro account expires), if udemy still sells my course, do I need to extend my account? 


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