Feature Request: Object Alignment

  • Is it possible to align objects accurately? It would be useful to be able to align objects either by a command or snap to a guide.

    I'm new to VideoScribe so I may have missed this ability somewhere...


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  • Rulers and guidelines are available in VideoScribe 2.1.1

    Drag the ruler down or across to create guidelines for a more precise placement of your text and image elements.

  • Thanks Matt,

    I realize that you can do it that way, however the objects don't "snap" to the guides. Are they supposed to?



  • No they do not, but it would be a good feature. Our dev team will consider it for inclusion in a future release.

  • How can i remove the rulers afterwards? Are they visible when the video is finished and played?

  • To remove the rulers, simply save the scribe and exit to the projects screen. When you reload the scribe the rulers will have been removed. 

    Rulers are not visible in rendered scribes even if they are still on the canvas when you render.

    There is not any way to have the rulers visible on a rendered video.

  • Thank you Matthew for your quick reply. That's very good to know :-)

  • I would like to see the ruler remain in the file when reopened and be editable within the open document. Snapping to guides is also a natural expectation.

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