Feature Request: Merge Projects

  • Instead of cutting and pasting, or recreating specific elements of a VideoScribe project it would be a great time saver to have the ability to "merge" a project file with another. Or at least be able to merge it to the beginning or end of a project file.


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  • Strongly agree with the need for a merge feature. Breaking a script into sections, like chapters in a book or topics in a presentation, makes a complicated job much easier to plan and execute.

  • Thanks for the input, if this gets a bit more love from other customers I'll get it added to the list of requests to be reviewed. 

    Just a suggestion as well you could always do the merge post production as well to prevent the need to copy/paste into one scribe project. Copy/Paste will loose some of the settings between scribes as well so I would always just publish my chapters separately and then use a video editor to glue the parts together. iMovie and Movie Maker are free with OSX and Windows but there are plenty of free and paid for options out there.

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