text caracter does not show

  • Hi,

    I'm dutch, working with a keyboard which is set to ''dutch/english (USA), making a dutch scribe which I now have to translate to English. My font is set to ''basic'' but other fonts won't work either.

    Text caracters won't show though.

    Example: don't is written as: dont



  • Does the apostrophe appear in the text box when you type the text in VideoScribe or is it just not showing up when the text is added to the canvas? Are you able to copy and paste the text with the apostrophe from another document, e.g. notepad?

  • One of the issues with apostrophes was that while the simple ones worked (' ") the more fancy ones with twirls (‘ ’ “ ”) didn't and when you copied paste into our text box with these they would not work.... 

    Well v2.3.5 was released this week and contains the extra characters. See http://blog.videoscribe.co/videoscribe-2-3-5-release-notes/ for the full picture and a download link


    Just a footnote to this! As well as downloading VideoScribe v2.3.5 you will also need to delete your font from VideoScribe and re-import it into v2.3.5 so the extra characters are imported for that font. 

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