How can i remove the video scribe logo?

  • I just signed up for the monthly subscription and i created a video during my free trial. I was trying to upload on youtube. why the logo is still there? Do I have to do it my work all over again?

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  • The video you created during the free trial will have the logo. You will need to publish the scribe again as a Pro subscriber to get a version without the logo. If you are having problems rendering the scribe, save the scribe with a different name, restart videoscribe, load the newly named scribe and try the render again.

    If this doesn't work please raise a support ticket, save the scribe to your online directory (cloud icon) and give us the name of the scribe in the ticket.

  • As above,  I have recently paid for a year subscription and expected as per your offer

     the  VS Logo to be removed automatically.   Disappointed to find  its not..

    I did not expect to have to manually take it off from each video ---

    which is difficult for me because I do not have Powerpoint  !!!

    and even if i did have Powerpoint  do not see why I

    should have to waste my time doing that anyway.

    This is a feature that I thought I had already paid for

    to be in built into VS.

    So does that mean I am stuck with the VSLogo for all my videos ?

    This all seems a bit counter productive for me at the moment.

    Was excited

    but have put everything on hold until i can make a video

    and know that the Vs Logo will not there every time.

    Would appreciate to be kept updated on this.


    p.s   Having said all that I absolutely love

            what I was able to create on my first video

           ....still a believer but need the above sorted.



  • Anything that you render moving forward will no longer have the VideoScribe logo in the bottom corner as it does with the free trial. There is no way of removing the icon from videos created prior to going Pro. You do not need to re-create the scribe, just re-publish the video.

  • I'm not sure, but I think that du san is talking about the preview image that appears at the start of a powerpoint file, as discussed here: remove-the-videoscribe-logo-in-powerpoint.

    My suggestion would be to use any of the other formats available to pro users (mov, avi, wmv, youtube, facebook...)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • i have a paid education account but the logo is still in the corner... do i have to update further to remove?

  • The EDUcational version always includes the videoscribe logo. That is one of the trade-offs for the reduced price. The EDU subscription is intended to be used primarily for unpaid school assignments.

    The PROfessional subscription leaves off the logo and can be used for paid work. (note: logo may still appear in powerpoint)

    you can probably find the terms of use and the features comparison chart on the INTSTANT ANSWERS page on this website for more info.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Your Product looks great!  I do have a couple questions, looking for a little help?

    1.  I'd like to create a scribe, publish it....but be able to put it as a link to email to my

    Union Members?

    2.  How about a little help on if I want to add a Logo to my Scribe?

    3.  When I purchase your Product and it's not for education use as product for education, I want

    to use the product to help them with fund raising...Is that ok?  Not looking for a discount....but I don't

    want to show a Scribe Logo.

  • Hi Ken,

    1. To get a link to your video so that you can put the link into an email you would need to upload your scribe video to a video hosting service or host the video yourself (on your website, for example) and produce a sharable link. You can publish your scribes to YouTube from VideoScribe and get a link from there and as a Pro user you are also able to upload to our own video rendering and hosting service - From you can get an embed code to put it onto your website and you can also get a link that you can send to others so that they can view it on the site. To send your scribe to for rendering and hosting, in VideoScribe, select the publish/render iconimage when your scribe is loaded and then select 'Share scribe online'.

    2. We have a help article for this: Adding a logo watermark in VideoScribe.

    3. When you buy a Pro subscription you will be able to render your scribes as video files without the VideoScribe logo. You can use the videos you produce for commercial purposes whether that be for a business or charity. You can't sell a video produced using VideoScribe or charge access to one unless you own a current active Pro licence.

  • Thanks......very much!  Will work on this later today.

    Another question.....Once I sign-up under that Pro Account....just making sure I can produce a Scribe,

    send it in an email form.....from there my... account (an Organization) can and will be able to send that

    email out to there Members.  I'm looking to write a brief email and hopefully we could put a link so

    a person can read the short mail, then click on a play button and watch the short Scribe....

    Matt, sorry for the questions.....I really 

    want to use your services!   If we can do this.....Dinner's on me!  Still playing around under the trial period!

  • The output of VideoScribe is a video file. You wouldn't be able to put the video directly into an email but you could put a link to that video in an email. The link would point to the video on a video hosting service such as YouTube or for example.

  • Matt, How are you?  Well we produced a Scribe....I purchased the (Pro Version)

    When we produced the scribe and played it your advertising is all over the place.  I really don't

    want my customer to see how easy it was to produce the product....I hate to say it that way....but 

    I also will look to offer this as a service with a cost to it.

    If I wanted to put my business logo into my would that happen.

    I love your product....I can really see some great value and all the hard work you folks have done....

    But....I'm not looking to do the work in my accounts and share my resources with them.

    Please don't think I'm being a jerk.....really I want them (my customer) to perceive high value!

    Thanks....will be looking forward to your response.  I really hope you can help me here!  Ken

  • There is no advertising and the VideoScribe logo will not appear on videos that you render after you upgrade your account to Pro.

    For information about how to add your own logo see Adding a logo watermark in VideoScribe.

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