Blank Canvas before my animation begins

  • I would like to add a second or two of blank canvas at the start of my project.  I have tried moving the canvas to be off the opening scene, but doesn't seem to work.  This should be easy right?  Also, did I miss it or is there NO Undo command in videoscribe?  I hit Command Z and nothing happened... can that be possible?


  • Hi,
    for replacing an element:
    1) add a dummy element as the first image in the timeline,
    2) move the camera to a blank part of the canvas
    3) click the dummy element one time in the timeline to select it
    4) click the "set camera" icon
    5) set the draw time:transition time and pauses for the dummy element to however many seconds you want
    6) optional: set the hand to "no hand" for the dummy element

    I believe that Undo: (ctrl+z)  will undo some changes such as moving or resizing elements,  but not all changes such as deleting items or text.

    related thread and video:

    Hope that helps,
    Mike (videoscribe user)


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