Kerning!! (RR-838)

  • The font handling is really disappointing, I won't recommend this product until it's fixed because embarrassing outcomes are not what I look for in my software solutions..

  • +1 from me... Really looking forward to this being fixed in VideoScribe.

  • + 1 from me too... 

  • The kerning problem is a big issue. The letterspace in several fonts make videoscribe unusable for any kind of customer projects. 

  • Yes, this one gets my vote too, one of the things which would turn a great product into a brilliant one. 

  • I love all of the features, but feel very unprofessional using un-kerned text. Please consider adding this to your great product! I would love to make scribes for my design site, but the kerning issues keep me from publishing. Thanks!
  • Hey Sparkol, this request has now been pending for 17 months. Are you guys ever going to make this happen?

  • Wow. Within 10 minutes of using this program I'm realizing you didn't include kerning / tracking / leading controls.What about being able to bold or italicize fonts? So the comment box I'm currently typing in has significantly more typographic control than VideoScribe. Are you kidding me? The goofy-looking font handling communicates to the viewer "this designer used some half-baked program he got on the internet for free." For $29 / month I guess I was expecting a little bit more. If you can't make it compatible with every random font out there, at least develop a half-dozen or so good looking ones to pack in. Please fix this

  • You can import the bold/italic versions of fonts into VideoScribe and use those. They would need to be separate text windows for each font change but you can switch between them. If you set the pause and transition times to 0 to the hand will just carry on smoothly between the boxes.

    As for the progress on this request we do agree that it needs addressing. As you may have seen from a couple of the other most popular feature requests we are looking to completely redesign and rebuild VideoScribe. I was in a meeting last week where we shared analysis of the biggest pain points and feature requests with the product team so they can resolve as many as possible in this process. Kerning and font control in general was of course amongst the issue raised.

    In the meantime don't forget to like the original post to vote for Kerning as a feature so we can really tell how many people feel this is important to them.

  • Yes! Leading, tracking, kerning are a big ommision-- kind of a big deal.

    Thank you.

  • Yes! Please fix this very basic requirement!

    I had planned to use this for a large project that is just starting, but if there is no fix to this I will need to find different software. This is crazy! People have been complaining about this for years! How is it not fixed yet?

  • I've had to stop projects before because the kerning issues were so bad. I've even had to import type that was set in a different program and bring it in as artwork which is a ridiculous waste of time.
  • Need kerning! +1 here!

  • Font kerning has still not been implemented in VideoScribe but we have produced a new help article entitled Font Kerning which describes the types of fonts that are best for use in VideoScribe and a tip for how to get fonts that don't display well to look better.

  • Hello Everyone, 

    We've been working on a major update to text and fonts over recent months and are getting close to resolving the Kerning issue. As this is a significant change and a long standing request we want to be sure we are doing things right. We're looking for a small group of beta testers with a vested interest in Kerning to put the new version to the test. You will be asked to provide us feedback so we can ensure it works well before we release it formally to the whole community. 

    Does this sounds like something you would be interested in? If so, please email telling us why you want be involved and we'll pick a few lucky people from the applicants we receive.

    Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!