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  •  Hi,

    this is only my second scribe. I watched the Liz video about sending items to back in illustrator in order to control drawing order, but nothing changes to the drawing order in videoscribe.

    I am using a new image each time in videoscribe

    and i have layered the files the opposite of when i want them to appear

    please help cheers


  • Hi,
    1)  multiple nested folders in groups will affect the drawing order. (paths that are 1 folder deep will draw before paths that are 2 folders deep. Paths that are 2 folders deep will always draw before paths that are 3 folders deep regardless of the which  group is lowest in the layers menu). To make organization easier, take the paths out of their subfolders so all paths are only one folder deep in their respective groups.

    2) also, 683 kb is large for an SVG image. You may want to optimize your background image before you import it into illustrator.

    related thread: How to make SVGs draw well (community thread)

    hope that helps,
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks very much Mike. That has worked a treat! cheers


  • Great! Thanks for posting your results!


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