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  •  Every time I try to choose a different hand, Video Scribe crashes. It only happens when trying to make changes to hands. If I do not use the hands menu, no crashes.

    I un-installed and reinstalled videoscribe several times, optimized windows, did virus scan and even ran memtest all night (no errors) but still every time I try to use the hands menu, video scribe crashes.

    Any suggestions? It must have something to do with the Hands menu since the only time it crashes when I try to use or make changes to hands


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  •  Pretty often, crashes are the result of maxing out the memory that videoscribe is able to access (1.7 GB I believe)

    It's possible that changing to a new hand is just the final straw that crashes your session. If so... some of the tips below might help.

    (all numbers below are just my rough personal suggestions)
    1) If you have a ton of fonts installed, delete all of the ones you are not currently using. imported fonts take up memory.
    2) Avoid zoom settings less than 25% or greater than about 1000% anywhere in your scribe if possible.
    3) Optimize all images to less than 500kb... preferably in the 1-100 KB range if possible. If you have trouble with that, search for info about image optimization.

    4) Try changing hand with nothing open but a new blank scribe. Do you still crash?

    As always, you may be able to get a problem scribe to render if you save a copy with a new name, restart videoscribe and try to render the new copy, but it's better to fix or avoid the underlying problems as described above.

    if you want specific feedback on your scribe, save it online (using the cloud icon) and tell support the name of it in a support ticket: raise a ticket


    -Mike (videoscribe user)
  • Hey Max

    it isn't a memory issue I have 32GB of ram and use programs that are must more memory intensive than video scribe.

    I can start a new scribe, put only a simple image from video scribe library on the canvas and all I have to do is try to change hands and it crashes. That's it. Even the smallest scribe with one image and  it crashes every time I try to change hands. The operative word being changing hands because as long as I don't touch the  hands menu, no crashes.

    My gut says something is corrupted with the Hands aspect of Video Scribe, but uninstalling and reinstalling has no effect.

    Any other ideas on how I can just fix the using of hands on Video Scribe?



  • As I wrote in my previous reply, Videoscribe can only use about 1.7 GB of RAM regardless of your 32 GB. related thread mentioning the 1.7GB limit.

    If you have imported a bunch of fonts into videoscribe, that is still a likely suspect in my opinion. delete them.

    Here is another thread in which support gives similar advice: http://help.videoscribe.co/support/discussions/topics/1000037300

    you could try searching for threads about deleting the library so it will re-load, but I suspect that occurred automatically when you uninstalled and reinstalled.

    or you can raise a ticket to contact support if you don't want to troubleshoot it yourself.

    -Mike "Max" Metcalf (videoscribe user)

  •  The only fonts loaded at the default fonts (the ones that came with the video scribe)

  • Also, as I mention above....it happens even if all I have is one word or just one image on the canvas. I tested it with just one image on the canvase and as soon as I click the menu to change hands, it crashes. So there is no doubt, I did not exceed the 1.7GB capacity of video scribe using only one image. As far as fonts, I only use the default fonts that come with video scribe.

     I still think it has something to do with the hands section corrupted in some way. If I don't use the hands menu, no crashes.

    I"m hoping there is a way to check if the hands section is corrupted and a way to fix it. I won't know that unless Sparkol helps.


  • Ohhh yeahhhh... I think you are still using 1.3.26 like me, so you're right, fonts should not be an issue.


  • Hi Dan,

    I have responded to the support ticket that you submitted, please check your email.

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