multiple pages

  • Brand new. just downloaded, and don't know how to make a multiple canvas pages, or remove the previous image to start a new page.

  • The tutorials explain how to move the camera around and how to set the camera position for each element (and other basic stuff that you'll nee to know)

    videoscribe version 2 tutorials

    -Mike (videscribe user)


  • I can create the 2nd page.  But once it shows the pages they all go back to one page and all the text and images are on one page.   They shrink very small.

  • Hi,

    While you are previewing the video, uncheck (untick) the "zoom at end" setting in the lower right corner of the screen.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • 1-How can I turn the pages in videosribe like this video?

    2-How can I colour the pictures after being drawn?

  • Hi Samar,

    I'm 99% sure the video you provided wasn't actually made with Sparkol's VideoScribe. I believe they're actual videos of someone drawing and colouring in on an actual whiteboard.

    There is no way within Sparkol's VideoScribe to do a page-turn transition, and to have an image be coloured in after being drawn is doable, but would take more time than the traditional method within VS which is to have the image already coloured in when designing it, then having an invisible stroke go around the image, giving the impression of being coloured in.

  • I think the video could have been made in VideoScribe, the only parts that are not possible are the page turns and the bit where they're watching TV, which could have been done in After Effects or similar.

    They may have produced multiple scribes and each time the page turn happens is a separate scribe video.

    They'd've had to have used separate SVG images for the fills.

  • thank you both Mike Ingram & Matthew Cook :)