problem in published video, saved as a movie file.

  • Hi! I just made a video around 9 minutes. I published it and save it as a file like a normally do. but when the video came out, it was cut like into 8mins and its not finished. and i try to fast forward or rewind it, through VLC and it won't let me. the format is hd wmv. i think i don't have any high resolution pictures just regular not blur pictures and i don't really zoom that much.. also the time listed in the video file are all zeros. like 0:0:00. you can play and stop it but you just can't fast forward it or rewind it. and its cut to 8 mins instead of 9 mins. 

    any suggestion please. thank you. 

  • Hi,
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    The easiest thing to try would be saving a copy of your work with a new name, restarting videoscribe and trying to render an MOV from the new copy. If that works then you could try WMV again. If you want specific feedback on the scribe file, you can save it online and raise a support ticket to tell them the name of it.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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