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  • Hi all

    I have moved an object to ma canvas and want to move it out later (or to simply make it disappear after some time).

    Any clue for that?

    Thanks and cheers,


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  • Options:
    1) move the camera to a blank area of the canvas, add a new element, click "set camera"
    2) use morph to morph the object to a copy of the same object with a 0% opacity
    3) use morph to morph the object to a location slightly outside of the visible canvas
    4) (if your canvas/background is also white) cover the object with a white object such as the "scribble out"  which is the last object in the "shapes" library I think.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • It would be nice if I could make an object (image or text) disappear without placing something overtop it or moving the camera.  In one project I am making, I have a screen with several text objects.  I want to highlight one object by changing its color and then restoring it back to normal after a little bit.  I almost achieved that by using 3 copies of the object.  I make the second one appear red, and then the third one is the original black.  However, at the end, I can still see a little red underneath even though they are in exactly the same spot.


  • if your objects each have a white background (and your scribe has a white background, they will cover each other with no problems.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • If this is something you would like to see we have a fade out feature request which you can vote on 

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