VideoScribe 2.2. beta - download and try

  • The VideoScribe 2.2 beta is now ready to download and try.

    Login to your Sparkol account to download the 2.2 beta.

    The beta is available if you’re a pro VideoScribe user but not if you’re on a free trial.

    The VideoScribe 2.2 beta introduces some cool new features, including thousands more high-quality images and better timeline movement. 

    Read the VideoScribe 2.2 beta release notes

    Enjoy and - as always with the beta versions - please give us as much feedback as you can!

  • I am confused. Where do I find the "1000s more high quality images"? I did not browse through all of the categories but I saw nothing that was marked with a blue ribbon (per the 2.2 release notes). Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place?

  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your question.

    The new images are searchable in the keyword search option.

    As there are potentially thousands of new images (which will be updated frequently) it is not viable to add folders for each contributor.

    There is a tagging system involved with the images so when searching for keyword, if there are extra images available, they will appear in the search results.

    The library images in VideoScribe will appear first, then Free images, then Premium images.

    You can also click on the contributors name and get results for all their uploads too.

    I have attached a video to show you how it works.

  • Hi, I downloaded 2.2 and it now freezes up and will not respond after previewing about 10 images in the image library. You have no option but to close the whole program down and re-launch.

    It happens when I open a new blank scribe, click on the image icon, look through and preview about 10 images from different categories and then it freezes up with a spinning cursor.

    Could this be some sort of bug?

    I am using windows 8 on a PC with 12GB RAM, intel i7 3.40 Ghz
  • necesito saber pque en version pro no me exporta completo el video......

  • I downloaded the new version and I am unable to find my saved video!!! Please help!

  •  I am funding that  VS has started crashing at the least little chance and is taking  longer and  longer to change between settings.

    I have  reinstalled it, have only one page with minimal files in it and it still crashes - why ?

    I have loads of orders mounting up and my customers wont be blaming you, but ME !

    I notice you  have introduced new images, but all for  sake. Why not free ones ?

  • I have uploaded a file showing the problem.
    The issue is that after importing a svg file an d immediately I play it everything is fine. When  I alter any of the settings the timeline shows the thumb nail as having changed blue and a  small square appears where the image should be on the canvas.
    This also happens with your images as well as mine.


  • Hi Derek,
    Questions should be probably posted in the Questions section instead of replying to an Announcement, because they may not be noticed here.

    It looks like you did not successfully upload a file showing the problem.

    The symptom sounds like something that would happen when your memory usage is too high: Memory related problems: TIPS to Avoid or Fix Videoscribe freezes, crashes, slowdowns, failure to export, or erratic behaviours.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • VIeoscribe 에 한달이상 접속할수 없는 상태입니다

    빠른 답변 부탁드립니다

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