Bitmap image revealed at end of drawing animation

  • A great feature of a previous version of Videoscribe was the program's conversion of a bitmap to an SVG for drawing animation.  An option to have the original image appear after the animation was also helpful.  I understand this feature may be brought back to a future update, but for those needing a workaround for now, here's what I've come up with: 

    First open the bitmap image in Inkscape (free open source vector program for creating SVG files). Manually trace the image and the details that you want to be a part of the drawing animation. Keep in mind that Videoscribe will draw in the EXACT order that you trace.  In this way, you have control over more of the animation process.  It's not necessary to have detailed drawings, in fact less is often more in the drawing process since you will reveal the bitmap at the end.  After finishing the trace process, highlight and delete the original bit map image.  Do any clean up to the trace (smoothing lines, thickening lines, etc.). Then import the original bitmap again, and resize it slightly larger than the traced image it is setting on top of.  The bitmap will now cover all the traced lines and since it was the last item added in the Inkscape file, it will appear at the end of the drawing animation in Videoscribe. Save the image as an SVG file and import into your videoscribe project.  

    Hope this helps those looking for this solution. 

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