It does not appear this is ready for Prime Time

  • WAY too many problems, and WAY too much time wasted trying to make this work.  While the idea is good, and they seem to try to answer questions, it is always very brief, 24-48 hours later, and with little helpful advice to fix REAL problems, like mastering your work into a format you or your clients can use.  

    I'm stumped as to try to continue with this, or move on.  Lots of good things here, but I do believe they came to market without really testing the HARD things.  

    I'd love to just get all my work out in a useable format without everything LOCKING UP EVER SINGLE TIME.  

  • Jim - what EXACTLY are your problems?

    I use the product, daily, for commercial client-based work, all over the World, with no problems.

    Is it possible it is your local setup/configuration rather than the product?

  • What version are you using? The latest version. Video Scribe has had is share of problems. All you have to do is read the forum to know that there are issues.

    However, it is still the best product on the market for what it does. The good folks at Sparkol keep plugging away.

    All in all, you learn the limitations and work around them or at least that's what I do. Those limitations are well documented by Mike on the forum.


  • Relax Bruce.  So happy it works for you so well.  that is not the case for everyone.  

  • I'm perfectly relaxed Jim...I'm just trying, after 20 years of support experience, to get some detail on the specific issues, and try and narrow down what your problem might be. It's precisely the fact that it works well for me (and many others) that leads me to believe there may be some local issues, which require some specific to make diagnosis possible.

    Of course there are outstanding issues, all documented and explained/given workarounds, however the support here is 2nd to none. Your initial post was very emotional, however only a factual discussion of your issues will take us/you forward from here on in. All I was trying to do was extract the problems from beneath the CAPITALS/rant.

    I hope you get everything sorted.

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