THE most common thing I see now on VS

  • Is there trouble in Scribe Land? 

  • Hi Jim,

    please can you let me know what you are doing before this happens - does it happen randomly or only after doing certain things?

    Are you using VideoScribe on a PC or a Mac? In an office or home environment?

  • I had something similar. What  version of video scribe are you using. I'm still using 1.3.26.

    I tried everything. Matthew sent me an exhaustive list of links and things to try but I could not resolve it. Finally I did a clean install of VS and it seem to work (hold breath).

    I was using a windows 7 machine, with plenty of RAM (32GB) and all in all, everything was running smooth except for video scribe.

    You can try to narrow the problem down with a program like appCrashVeiw

    The problem is, it may come back with a faulty windows system file but it could be a number of reasons why it crashes your program. Really hard to narrow down.

    Lastly, watch out for all those snake oil pitches. Mostly they blame your registry but cleaning it did not fix the problem for me. If you want to clean you registry you can find free tools on

    Good Luck


  • Thanks so much.  After 25 years on Avid and Final Cut, I'm not used to mastering problems, and I am used to meeting client's deadlines.  With these lock up's, it is a huge problem.  of course, these programs LIVE on your computer and are NOT in the cloud.  I think that makes ALL the difference.  I've asked if they can or would sell this on disc, but never get an answer.  I'd feel safer.  But you have to use what they give you... and of course, it is not $6,000 like the big league products!! 

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