Music in the scribe

  • Hi, as a first time user of Videoscribe, I was going to add music in my scribe, so I clicked the option and the window opened, unfortunately there is no close option, and there is no way for me to exit the music window to return to my scribe. I am scared if I close the window, the scribe will be lost as I hadn't saved it. Could anyone suggest anything?
  • This may have happened because you lost internet connection. I can see that the last time you used VideoScribe was 6:26AM today and there is no usage data after that. If your internet connection is unreliable then you should have the autosave feature enabled (it is enabled by default) and save regularly.

    I can see that the last save you made was 6:21AM today.

    If the application is not responding then the only way to get going again is to close the application. You will probably lose everything after you last saved.

    To enable autosave click on the cog icon in the bottom right of the projects screen.

  • If you have autosave enabled then if you close VideoScribe you will be asked if you wish to load the last scribe you were working on because there are unsaved changed. Click the tick to load the previous scribe.

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