words with apostrophes, like don't can't

  • I am using Arial and words with apostrphes aren't showing the apostrophe.  Words like can't, don't etc.  Also, the quotes symbol (") won't appear (which is on the same key on the keyboard).  Help!

  • Hi Jim,

    Apostrophes should show up for you. What I recommend you do is delete the Arial font from VideoScribe, restart VideoScribe and add it back again.

    How to delete fonts from VideoScribe.

    Having a lot of fonts loaded in VideoScribe can use up memory which can cause issues with rendering and saving. Deleting the fonts can free up memory and help things to run more smoothly

    To delete the fonts:

    Create a new scribe

    Click ‘Add text to the canvas’

    Click ‘Change or import a new font’

    In the ‘Available fonts’ window click the trash can icon next to the fonts highlighted in blue

  • Having the same problem with apostrophes.

    Great idea....I only want the original fonts right now...but have no idea which ones they are, as there are soooo many these days loaded into VS. Wondering, how to I load them back once I delete them?

  • Only the BASIC font is included in videoscribe. all of the other fonts you see are fonts you have installed on your computer.

    Any fonts you delete from videoscribe will still be available from the font import screen if they are still installed on your computer.

    There is one exception. I think that if you have been using videoscribe since version 1, some of your older scribes may have a few more fonts that used to be included with videoscribe. those can only be imported (I think) by opening the old scribe in which the fonts are included. I'm not sure if those fonts will STILL work correctly in videoscribe because I have not tested them.

    related threads: http://help.videoscribe.co/support/discussions/topics/1000030189

    Hope that helps,
    Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks Mike. I'll give that a try.
  • I now have the apostrophe back (but only on newly created text). I now only have a basic font accessible in the scribes + a long list of fonts somehow installed in my computer "available" to add into the list accessible in the scribes. I also opened up an old scribe and edited the text to find out what the old fonts were, but it's now saved it in the basic font (and I can't unsave either....as I pressed Y to exit without saving...and it saves my I wanted changes anyway). The font was originally the bold old one with lowercase - which I don't think I have available any more, so now can't edit any of my old scribes. One of the reasons I don't use VideoScribe much these days..... I can never get it to work any more. Drives me nuts.
  • A number of older fonts were removed in version 2 of the software so yes any scribes created with those fonts can no longer be amended without using a different font. 

    Basic is the only one that is built into VideoScribe now and it's all capitals and has a limited character set.

  • Might helpful if they showed us how to add equivalent fonts into the software so we're not stuffed by progress....I have no idea where fonts come from and what an equivalent font would be....and how to tell if it has a working apostrophe...
  • The VideoScribe built in fonts are not available to download outside of VideoScribe but you can get some that are close for free and you can see the character sets as well. Just google free fonts and your choices are endless. 

    http://www.1001freefonts.com/denne_marker.font or http://www.1001freefonts.com/marker.font is fairly close alternative to the original Marker font for example

    If anyone else has good suggestions of things that match old fonts well then post them here as well and I can get the best put together into Instant Answer Article for you

  • One of the issues with apostrophes was that while the simple ones worked (' ") the more "fancy one" with twirls (‘ ’ “ ”) didn't and when you copied paste into our text box with these they would not work.... 

    Well v2.3.5 was released this week and contains the extra characters. See http://blog.videoscribe.co/videoscribe-2-3-5-release-notes/ for the full picture and a download link


    Just a footnote to this! As well as downloading VideoScribe v2.3.5 you will also need to delete your font from VideoScribe and re-import it into v2.3.5 so the extra characters are imported for that font. 

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