v2.2 Beta confusion

  • Hi,

    I am confused (yet again....).

    I have upgraded, (I think...) to the new Beta 2.2 via the website link, but when I go in and look at the version once it has installed, it does not seem to be matched by the details that I see.

    Please help my confusion, (which...I have to admit...may be caused by a wonderful bourbon that is currently being consumed).

    How do I know if I have upgraded?



  • Until support provides an official reply, you could:

    1) look up the new features for version 2.2 beta and see if your installed version has those features ( link: videoscribe-2-2-beta-release-notes/ )
    2) if necessary, you could try completely uninstalling the current version and then download and install Beta 2.2 again from your Account page (note: the "latest" version listed on that page is version 2.1.2 on the left side of the page and the "2.2.0 beta version link is in the middle of the page).

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hi Bruce!

    Hope you enjoyed the bourbon!

    Looks like the version from your screen shot is indeed version 2.1.2.

    I believe you are signed up to the Beta and you should be able to download it from Your Account Page.

  • Thanks - latest version all worked fine and installed correctly thanks.

    LOVE the new "drag objects to outside your current view" feature.

    Case dismissed.

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