•  hi, I have read your previous posts about the problems of different languages, I am going to buy your software, but my language is Persian and it is similar Arabic language, I want to know if you solved this problem or not.

    thank you for your useful software.

    best regards.

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  • I haven't heard anything recently about a new solution to the problems with the way videoscribe draws Arabic, Persian, and some other fonts. If there has been a new development, I'm sure support will reply with some information about it.

    Until a solution is provided, one trick that works (with a bit of extra effort) is described here: Can I make other fonts "draw" well?

    Basically you:

    1) type the text (or mathmatical formula) into inkscape or illustrator

    2) convert the fonts to filled paths 

    3) use the pencil or pen tool to draw a squiggly stroked path that cover the text and approximates the way you want the drawing hand to move in videoscribe (top to bottom, left to right, right to left, etc)

    4) make the stroked bath transparent

    5) save as an SVG

    (see the link above for more details)

    I hope that helps,

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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