Hide multiple elements at once (RR-1007)

  • Hello,

    Can I hade multplie elements at once, or should I hide each of them? I already saw that I can unhide multiple elements at once.

  • Hi Gabriel,

    You can't currently hide multiple elements at once, but thanks for posting your request.

  • Good day, 

    I raised this with Barry (On Sun, 7 Feb at 11:30 PM) before, but thought this is a great thread to give this feature request a bit of a boost. 

    I have a number of elements on top of each other within my scribe and need to be able to select and hide multiple elements/slides in one click - the opposite of the select all and click the eye icon. 

    It would save me a massive amount of time if I could select a number of slides and then select the eye icon in the far right to hide them, and have them stay hidden even after I have previewed my work. 

    This will save me a significant amount of time avoiding me to start at the back and hide all the elements/slides again to work on an element early in my scribe. 

    I have used VS to produce a video for a big corporate client, the project gave me an extremely tight deadline, and due to the extra time this added to my development time, I had to work a number of overtime hours to make my deadline.  This is definitely a show stopper if I am to use this in other projects again. 

    I cannot see that this is a big ask, but will definitely save a lot of time. 

    Thank you for listening. 



  • Voted as promised! 

    To vote yourself just add a like to the original post

  • Thanks Barry!
  • I am with the same issue here. A canvas with multiple elements on top of each other that needs to be hidden each time that I need to edit something in the middle or beginning of the timeline.

  • This is so obvious and so unnecessarily time-consuming.

    To edit any slide, I need to open on that slide and see only what is happening at that point of the timeline.

    This is a movie. All movie editors let you edit at-that-point-in-time',

    If I can't do that, the next best workaround is to select all the slides after that point and have a closed eye to hide.

    Between no kerning, no auto hand and pen adjustment, no scrrencapture to a png/jpg (not a PDF for any real documentation), it's almost unworkable.

    Great product but holes to fill still.

  • Almost six months since the last post on this "hide all' button request. 

    Any indication on when it might, if ever, occur?


  • Each element should stay hidden after Preview Play as well. The way it works now, if you have 50 elements that you spent all that time hiding before running Preview Play, they automatically are unhidden after Preview Play if finished. Really annoying. 

  • Still an issue!

  • Still an issue. And as such it's just obvious they don't care. This is not beyond their capabilities.

  • Don't forget to like the original post to vote for this, that's how we gauge how popular ideas are.

    The feature is in the backlog of ideas we want to implement yet and that gets re-prioritised regularly by the product team to decide what we are working on next. I've updated that task with all the latest information from here to ensure it's considered next time we are looking at what to do next.

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