VideoScribe Anywhere "Term of use screen"

  •  Hi. I have downloaded the app but I can't pass the "Term of use " screen. I can't find a button of "Accept" or anything like that, so I can start anything.

    Please, any help will be appreciated.

    iPad4 running iOS 7.1.2

  • Hi Francisco,

    Sorry you have this issue.

    Are you able to shut VideoScribe down and load it again. If you do this are you then able to confirm the T&C's?

    If not are you able to update to the latest iOS version?

  • Thanks, Joe.
    I did as you say, also deleted the app and reinstalled it, and it doesn't work.
    I'll check it out in a iPad running iOS 8.3 (not mine).


  • Hi Francisco, thanks for the update on this.

    If you have any issues doing this on the latest iOS, please let me know.

  • Ok.
    I'll keep the community informed. :)


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