IPad app..missing set camera feature (VideoScribe Anywhere)

  • In the new version, I can't work out how to set the camera Facility appears missing. Am I missing something?

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  • The set camera feature was removed in the newest version of the app to simplify it apparently:



  • Thanks Mike - that advice saves me continuing to search for the set camera buttons.  That was a backward step by Sparkol - it really reduces the capacity of the app.

  • Hi Errol,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    We have removed the set camera option to make VideoScribe Anywhere simpler, more accessible and easier to use in general.

    We currently have no plans to reintroduce this feature into VideoScribe Anywhere but we do welcome feedback on the application

    and if it is something that a lot of users want in VideoScribe Anywhere, we will consider this.

    I changed changed this from a question to an Ideas and Feature Requests community topic.


  • Thanks for confirming Joe.  For me, the change makes the app unusable, reducing it to a series of single element displays rather than an integrated presentation.  It also means that I can only work effectively on my PC, and am now prevented from continuing work on a project on both platforms. Setting the camera position was not complex.  For me the change is a real step backward.  It will certainly prevent me from continuing to recommend the app to anyone. I'd really urge reconsideration.  I have also raised it as a formal suggestion.



  • In the new version you can't change hands, change fonts, morph, import music, publish diectly to YouTube, def it'a a step backward.
  • I understand that you wanted to make the new iPad version simpler but some features I believe are still needed to create a acceptable scribe one of these features for sure is setting the camera this gives the overall scribe some type of fluid movement .Without The ability To set the camera it limits the creative ability of the app.



  • The ipad app has been rolled back to the its pre-"anywhere" state with version 2.1.6 now available on the apple store.

    iPad Anywhere is now available seperately.

    For more information: http://blog.videoscribe.co/what-happened-to-the-videoscribe-ipad-app/

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Please add "set camera position" for the new version.
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  • Hello, without the set camera position, the app is not very useful. This feature allows us to control the canvas.
  • We need the camera angle for it to be useful.
  • OMG. Please make the VideoScribe Anywhere App Compatible with the PC version. I just bought an iPad Pro and it is a real pain to not be able to use it with Video Scribe. The set camera angle is key. It won't even play Scribes I made on my PC correctly.
  • Yeah fix what you broke by fixing it.  And I can't import sound from any of the common file share platforms.

  • In order for voiceovers to work when using file sharing services, the file sharing URL must be set to download (as opposed to set to view in the web browser).

    For Google Drive links see the article entitled Create Direct Links and Skip the Web Viewer to see how to do this.

    For dropbox links it's a bit easier, you just need to make sure that there is 'dl=1' at the end of the URL (by default the URL will have 'dl=0' at the end).