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  • Hello,

    Here are some points we think needs more attention to get them fixed/removed:

    1- you can not set different quality options for each picture/graphics you'll use into the project. You can only set the quality ONLY ONCE into the settings before starting the project, so same setting for ALL graphics; if you want to change the quality for a graphic, you need first to save the project, go to the main screen, and give a new value to the quality from setting menu, then open again the project, insert your image, save, go back to the main, again settings, set back the value, open again the project, now go forward with your project video work...

    2- If you'll insert a picture larger than 1920/1080 resolution, or larger than 500Kb file size, than after max 1 minute the project will give errors saving the project (manual or auto save, no matter, both freeze at 99% from save process)

    3- sometimes you save projects but can't find them nowhere as saved, they are lost projects... so, build them once again, hopefully they will not lose twice...

    4- if the soft reaches the 1,3 BG RAM memory allocated by SPARKOL developer, it will freeze, will no more respond: open Task Manager and see from there that the soft doesn't even work in background, so is need to force close it... again, project lost... until the auto save part, of course...

    5- there is NO WAY to make a video using unicode font languages unless using additional software to create SVG texts for that unicode languages text scripts... 

    6- there can't be placed animated/movement graphics, (other extensions than gifs, even video formats)

    7- you can't open the soft, PRO or not PRO account... doesn't matter, in 2 or more PC's... so you can't open the soft in same time on more PC's from same location, same or different IPs

    8- if on the local PC are more than ~hundreds graphics in same folder, browsing from the soft that folder to load a picture, will freeze the soft, will no more respond, and is need to force close it with Task Manager

    9- you could make available to run the soft without connection to internet! Once purchased a license, on any other software used on a local PC, it can be used in both cases: online or offline! So that should not be a rule for SPARKOL! not at all! If we may want to run VideoScribe on laptop while in vacation were is n network connection will not be possible just because of this rule you have placed it abusively...


  • Hi Silus,

    1) The way to work with the default image quality setting is to prepare your images before you import them into VideoScribe. You should optimise your images so that they are the smallest size possible and set the default image quality accordingly.

    2) VideoScribe will handle files larger than this although it is not recommended. I have tried importing a JPG image that is 6 MB in size and dimensions of 5616 x 3744 and I did not get any error. 

    Errors do begin to occur when the general memory usage of VideoScribe reaches a certain level when the scribe is loaded. The maximum memory usage level is around 1.2 GB of RAM - you can check the amount of memory VideoScribe is using when a particular scribe is loaded by checking Activity Monitor on a Mac or Task Manager on a PC. 

    Everything that you add to VideoScribe contributes to the total amount of memory that is being used. This includes images and text, different fonts for text, audio, charts, different hands, custom hands and also the zoom between elements.

    3) Please let me know the name of a scribe that you have saved but cannot find and the time that this has occurred. If you could send in your support log from your computer that would help us to investigate this. I have attached  a video that shows you how to submit your support log. Please let us know when you have done this and we can take a look.

    4) VideoScribe has a limit to the amount of memory that it can utilise and this limit is imposed by the Adobe Air/Flash platform on which VideoScribe is built. To avoid reaching the limit I would advise that you try to get the memory usage down using a number of methods including reducing the number of images and/or text, not using too many different fonts, optimizing images before you import them so they are the smallest size possible and reducing the amount of zoom. You could also split the scribe into smaller parts and edit them together after you render them. There are a number of free tools you can use to optimise your images which are outlined in a post on our blog entitled 9 Free tools to pimp VideoScribe.

    5) Please add this as a feature request on our Ideas and features requests section and our development team will consider it for inclusion in a future release.

    6) Adding moving images other than GIFs into VideoScribe is not currently a feature. This has been requested as a feature and may be implemented in the future.

    7) No, you can only use VideoScribe on one computer at a time but you can use it on different computers.

    8) I would recommend that you organise your images into folders so that there are not so many images to load at one time.

    9) You can use VideoScribe in offline mode as a Pro subscriber. You need to log in and out once with a connection and make sure you check the box to remember password on the login screen. Then the next time you log in without a connection it will work for you. You will not be able to use all of the features of VideoScribe while in Offline mode.

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