Lines are not drawing correctly, please help?

  • Hello!

    I am having an issue where lines are being drawn "backwards". For example: I have a single horizontal line that I want to be drawn from left to right, but instead, the hand is starting on the right side and moving to the left side.

    I searched the community for similar questions, but no helpful answers were given. The lines are showing up in the correct order (so the layers are set up correctly), but they are not being drawn onto the canvas in the right direction.

    What is causing this issue? How can I specifically which end of a line the hand should start drawing at? It seems to be totally random.

  • 1) Generally, the line is drawn in the same direction you create it in inkscape or illustrator.

    2) If you click on the start node with the pen tool (or pencil tool I think), it will become the end node:

    3) If you add one more node to either end of a path, that will become the final node drawn.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Oh! I wasn't sure how Illustrator determined end versus beginning. Thank you, 

  • Same problem but Illustrator is not being used. I am using the included artwork in Video Scribe. A simple line..the hand is drawing right to left when writing...I dont know anyone that would do that naturally.  Left to right should always be default.
  • You could rotate the image 180 degrees.


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