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  • is there anyway you could have a simple SAVE or SAVE AS function when a file name and destination has already been specified? (ie the file has already been saved once before). 

    it may be intuitive to you but i find it confusing to be prompted with the option to overwrite a template or choose a different base folder. i'm not even sure i know what those things are. 

    i love videoscribe but it has some idiosyncratic ways of doing things that take some learning.  


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  • PS i just lost the work i did because the saving didn't work as i thought it would.

    please simplify this asap. 

  • To save a scribe you click on the disk icon which brings up the 'Save scribe' window. To save the scribe and replace the one you already have leave the name the same and click the tick icon. To save a new copy of the scribe enter a different name and click the tick icon.

    To save the scribe to the online directory click the cloud icon (this will also save a copy to the base folder and will overwrite any existing file with the same name).

    There is no option to choose a location for saving scribes when saving them within VideoScribe to the base folder (or any other folder you create) - these folders exist only within VideoScribe.

    To save a scribe to your computer you can export the scribe as a .scribe file.

    How to import and export scribes

  • thanks Matthew. i got it in the end.  

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