Deletion of the projects

  • Hello,

    I have an active membership for videoscribe. Today, i opened the software, and all the projects that normally are visible, were gone. I didn't delete them or even touch them. What can i do ? 
    Thank you

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  • Hi,
    1) If you ever created more than one account, make sure you log into each one to find which one contains your files
    2) If you save your work online instead of locally, click the cloud icon to view online files.
    3) open a support ticket: RAISE A TICKET

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hello Mike 1) No. I haven't created more than 1 account. 2) I had saved the projects within the software and not locally or online. Whenever I opened it up, next to the "+" new project, I could view the previous projects but this time, none of them were there.
  • Hi Abhi,

    If you use VideoScribe on more than one computer check that the scribes are not saved on the other computer.

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