Upset with iPad version

  • Hi, I'm really upset all the features like, camera set, morphing, changing hands are gone in this new iPad version. When you upgrade you expect as a costumer to have more, not less, now if you want to create a nice scribe you need the PC version. I'm really upset. When i bought videscribe for iPad, one of the main reasons was that I had the dame features that PC version.
  • Hi Rafael, sorry to hear you do not like VideoScribe anywhere.

    We have made a number of changes to VideoScribe for the iPad including changes and removal many of the previous features.

    Our main focus is to ensure that VideoScribe Anywhere is simple, stable and easier to get to grips with than the previous versions.

    For more information on the reasons behind these changes, please see the blog post by Jon.

    What VideoScribe Anywhere will do is allow quite and simple scribes on the go and address many of the stability issues users of the previous version experienced.

    Sorry you are not happy with the changes, we strongly feel the change is necessary going forward with mobile applications.

    If you would like to see old and new features added back into VideoScribe Anywhere, you can add it to the Ideas and Feature Requests section of the community.

    There is a request to bring back the set camera option for VideoScribe Anywhere already in there, if you have any other suggestions, please let us know.

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