Font Quality at Large Sizes (RR-1033)

  • I have been using VideoScribe for a month [paid for] - one thing that needs to be addressed urgently is the quality of fonts at larger sizes - fonts that come as standard work 'reasonably' at larger sizes, but many imported fonts are just not clear at larger sizes. If this is a vector based software, can the dev team seriously look into the scalable quality of the font appearances at larger/or more zoomed in sizes? I have made 3 videos for a client but the last one has noticeably bad quality on certain fonts , and I'm not talking MASSIVE, just 'title sized' large.

    Having worked with After Effects for around 9 years, I found the use of videoscribe refreshing and intuitive, but in this area it yet lacks some pro quality that could really make it a great content creation tool, in its genre.

    Please look into:  Font import quality, and 'continously rasterized' scaling [ no blurring pixelation at zoom in sizes ]

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  • Hi Graeme,

    Thanks for your idea and feedback.

    The font text used in VideoScribe are not SVG but each character is essentially a bitmap image.

    If you do zoom in far enough you will see pixels.

    We are looking into different possibilities for text and indeed image import for a future version of VideoScribe.

  •  Thanks for your reply

    OK I understand - is it for speed/quality of realtime playback that you have gone with bitmap conversion of vector fonts?
    BTW I really do like the software - its been great and fun to work with!

    Ive got a few suggestions that Id love to see in future versions.

    1. Simple 'drawing creator' within VideoScribe to create SVG images - possibly with three 'layers', 1st for black outlines, 2nd for colour fills & shading, and 3rd for guide strokes that tell the software how to 'draw in' the colour fills - [like you would set up in Illustrator, but much simpler]  - so users could draw their own simple drawings similar to the quality and style of the available ones, if they wanted to [ even save and share them ??? ]

    2. A 'rub out' feature rather than just drawing on a white [or coloured] shape over the top of objects

    3. A 'Use your own custom texture' feature for backgrounds, rather than just the 9 available

    4. This one might be 'out there' . . . ability to have more than one event at a time on the timeline. Overlap of at least two events?? 

    5. Fade from black and fade to black at beginning and end - possibly with different styes of fade transition shapes - like fade on from Black with dark vignette opening from centre etc

    6. Video 'effects' - such as vintage looks - frame rate of 12 fps [which is called 'twos' in animation] give a vintage cartoon feel - slight position shifting of the main camera frame to frame  [at 12fps] gives a 'stop motion' look which can be very effective. Also some slight 'film like' spots and aberrations can give an authentic film look too.  here is one of the scribe I made for a client in USA, but with added 'effects' on top of scribe 

    If you watch the video you'll maybe notice that some of the fonts look a little 'blurred' - that is the issue I was having about crispness of text

    Anyway - thanks for listening :)

  • All images and text are converted to Bitmap images and the vector stroke is placed over the top. The vector stroke is used only for the hand to follow and reveal the image beneath using a mask. VideoScribe needs both the bitmap image to be revealed and the vector stroke for the hand to follow.

    This will change in the future as we are looking at different ways to implement how fonts can be handled.

    Thanks for your suggestions. I have forwarded them over to our development team and they will be considered for inclusion in a future release.

  • I agree with Graeme Moody's suggestions. If you implement his suggestions VideoScribe would be more awesome! By the way the link he provided was awesome! Good Job!


  • I am also not happy with the quality of fonts at large size. It's getting blurred. Please look into this matter seriously. 

  • Have there been any developments since this thread was opened? Only the "Basic" font option is reasonable at larger sizes; all the other fonts I import have a visible rough edge. In order to brand scribes to corporate branding specifications, being able to use fonts others than the "basic" option is important.

  • I'd recommend that you test more fonts and find some that work better.


  • Could you recommend some san serif fonts similar to josefin sans that render clearly?

  • Maybe someone who works for Sparkol could... but I'd recommned that you just find about 5 or 10 that you like and try them out.

    Type a text phrase in videoscribe, scale it large, and apply different fonts to it until you find one that looks good.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Does anyone have a recommendation for a sans-serif font that works. Have been trying 15 different ones now, everything is blurry. THis is a catastrophy for the project I'm working on.

  • Huge problem since 2015 and still not a solution yet...

  • Could we get a list from VideoScribe with the fonts that do render clearly? It would save all of us a lot of time...



  • Same problem here. pixelated text is terrible. No updates on this thread since sept 2017. Please, we need a list of fonts.

  • Any input on this issue? Pixelated text is a deal breaker here

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