Font Problem.


    Hello! I have VideoScribe 2.2.0. It works very well for me.There is only one problem. When I downloaded fonts from my computer it does not show up right on video scribe. How can I fix this? The only font that works right is the “Basic.” See photo attachment. 

    When the hand rights I don't want it writing lines but the full text.

  • I have noticed this occurrence on a few of the fonts I imported, but on others (usually medium bold fonts) they were better. Some worked great, but some were just like your example. If they are really bold fonts and they do what you've shown happens, it looks a bit wrong. For instance, download a free font called Floraless and try that out - it's a zany font, but it is an example of once that works well.
  • Hello! It works very well with Kalam Font Family bold ( also in Turkish).

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