Mi video no se exporta completo

  • Hola,

    Estoy usando la version de prueba en el iPad y page 5 CHF para poder exportar mis videos. La exportación se realiza, pero cuando intento reproducir mis videos después del primer minuto solo se escucha la grabación pero las imagenes ya no aparecen. Es urgente. 

    Translation - I am using the trial version on the iPad and page 5 CHF to export my videos. Exporting is done , but when I try to play my videos after the first minute recording only heard but the images no longer appear . It's urgent.

  • Hi Melina, sorry you are having problems.

    I'm not quite sure what you mean exactly as it may be lost in translation.

    Are you getting an issue where after the first minute you can no longer see any images on your rendered video?

    If this is the case, can you rename the scribe files and retry the render to confirm if this works?

    If not, please save your scribes to your online/cloud directory and tell us the name of the scribe and I can take a look.

    I have attached a video to show you how.

    If it is a different issues from what I have described, please can you advise further on the details of the issue?

  • Olá estou com a versão de teste do videoscribe porém não consigo exportar em nenhuma das três versões q me é disponibilizada, YouTube, Facebook e PowerPoint, nós três da erro e não exporta, tenho muita urgência nesse vídeo, poderia me ajudar?
  • You can save your project online and raise a ticket.

    You can also watch the videos on the Instant answers page.

    and read the tips in this thread: http://help.videoscribe.co/support/discussions/topics/1000065281

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