name of the default hand

  • i'd like to use the white pencil with the default hand. but i can't see which character default hand belongs to. i at least need one with similar skin tone as the different shades are jarring of all the hands i've found with a white pencil.

    i think it's be good if you could load the whole set of one hand. i find the names very confusing.

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  • Hi Fifi,

    The default hand was the original hand packaged with VideoScribe.

    It does not belong to a specific folder or has a name other than default.

    It is hard coded into the application and cannot be edited I'm afraid.

  • Thanks Joe. What then, is the most similar hand? In terms of skin tone and age? I need a set with the default marker, white pencil, one or two fingers and open hand.


  • It is probably a matter of opinion which hand is most similar to the default hand. I would go with Sibin.

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