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  • Hi there,

    I'm using the trial version of VideoScribe and I have just lost two days worth of work on my scribe. I had completed my video, saving multiple times throughout the process, and then I tried to upload the video to YouTube.

    This seemed successful as a video did eventually appear on my YouTube channel, but the video I created was 6 minutes long, while the one uploaded to YouTube was only 2:30. 

    I then went back into VideoScribe to find that my scribe had also been shortened and I cannot find the work I did previously, although the preview image in my scribe library shows the completed video.

    What has happened to my work? I need to submit this video for a university assignment but now the majority of my work is gone! Is there a way to recover it?


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  • Hi,

    (assuming you are using the desktop software:)
    1) If you have worked on more than one computer, check the other computers. Scribes saved online can be seen from multiple machines, but locally saved scribes are not synced among multiple machines.
    2) If you save your work, but then close videoscribe before the work finishes saving, some work might be lost.
    3) Be sure to check the online (cloud) scribes as well as the local scribes for the most recent version.
    4) also check in new folders if you made new folders in your locally saved scribe directory while saving
    5) If your currently open scribe looks incomplete, you could save a copy of it with a new name, then restart videoscribe and then check the scribe again. Maybe an out-of-memory issue is causing it to display incorrectly.
    6) what steps do you use to save your work?

    Hope that helps,
    Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Fanella,

    Sorry that you have experienced a loss of work when using VideoScribe.

    For us to look into this as quickly as possible for you please could you send us your support log. This is a file that VideoScribe generates and stores on your computer. It shows certain actions that were performed when VideoScribe is being used and will help us to determine what could have happened and a possible solution.

    I have attached a video here that shows you how to submit your support log to us. Please let us know when you have submitted it and we will take a look.

  • Hi Matthew,

    Thanks very much for getting back to me. I have sent off the support log.

    I hope this works!

    Thanks again.

  • Thanks for that. I have replied to your support ticket. Please check your email for further instructions.

  • i have the same problem, it is possible i can get it back or i have to redo the whole thing? please reply to me as soon as possible.



  • I kept being told that my work could be recovered if I just provided a bit more information about the problem but in the end I had to redo everything because they said they couldn't recover any of my work. If you have time, I'd recommend using an entirely different program. I almost failed an assignment because I had to wait around for help from Sparkol and then had to start again from scratch. It was a nightmare.

  • thanks for telling. I can't believe it !!!

  • IKR? I'm sorry I couldn't offer more help :(

  • Vicky, we do have some things we can try to recover your work but some of the directions we go through we keep off the public forums as it involves searching the base folders and we don't want people doing that unguided as that's where all your data is stored. If you raise a support ticket we can go through that with you. 

    Useful things to include would be.

    - How much data you have lost (whole scribe blank or just a segment missing)

    - Name of the scribe file effected

    - Where this was saved (base folder, online, exported)

    - Save the file to the online cloud folder so we can download it

    - Talk us through the last thing you did when the scribe was working fine so we can try and narrow down what caused this.

  • Thanks, but I'm remade it already. 

  • OK, sorry you lost it in the first place!

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