Hand Icon

  • Simple question...... I think! My VideoScribe Anywhere app doesn't have the Hand Icon on the tool bar. It just isn't there!! Any suggestions......
  • Hi Heather thanks for your question.

    VideoScribe Anywhere does not have this as a feature.

    VideoScribe Anywhere only allows the default hands to be used.

  • Are there plans to change this? In earlier versions you could use different hands/instruments or no hand at all - this flexibility was really useful. It would be a shame to lose it.
  • Christine, it's not in the immediate product road-map. We decided to strip VideoScribe Anywhere back to basics to improve performance on the tablet platform. We have enabled the ability to save your scribes to the online cloud folder so that if there are more specific settings that you need to use you can bring your VSA scribes into the Desktop product and make those amendments there. 

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