Missing character in font - Apple Casual

  • I imported the Apple Casual font and it works just fine, except that for the first time I used an apostrophe in text, and it just does not appear. When I open the text object to edit it, the apostrophe is there, but it does not render on the screen.

    I know that I could just change fonts, but I already have an investment in several presentations in this font and want consistency for the rest of the presentations I make in the series.

    Is there a quick fix of some kind?


  • OK I found a solution. Perhaps the apostrophe is treated as some kind of escape character since putting in two apostrophes caused one to appear in the rendered text.

  • Good find. Thanks for posting the solution.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • One of the issues with apostrophes was that while the simple ones worked (' ") the more "fancy one" with twirls (‘ ’ “ ”) didn't and when you copied paste into our text box with these they would not work.... 

    Well v2.3.5 was released this week and contains the extra characters. See http://blog.videoscribe.co/videoscribe-2-3-5-release-notes/ for the full picture and a download link


    Just a footnote to this! As well as downloading VideoScribe v2.3.5 you will also need to delete your font from VideoScribe and re-import it into v2.3.5 so the extra characters are imported for that font. 

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