Recording Voiceovers

  • It would be fantastic, if you could create voice over snippets and apply them to groups of objects.

    At the minute, you can have a single voiceover that starts at the beginning, this is really hard to do when I have a 3 minute presentation and have to record the whole thing in one go. takes me about 20 takes and still haven't quite managed to time everything correctly.

    Having the ability to start a voice over with an object or extend a voice over with a group of objects means I can fit my animation to the voice rather than the other way round....

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  • I totally agree with you!

    To help you out, let me share what I did for my 4 minute presentation... I recorded each segment separetely and once I was satisfied which each individual segment I joined them all together using and finally added it to my scribe. Hoe that helps!

  • One feature we are currently developing for a future release is the ability to add sound effects to objects. A library of sounds will be provided with the feature, but you will also be able to import your own sounds. Using this technique you will be able to import voiceover segments as you require.

    Watch this space!

  • I has been 5 years and I still do not see this feature. 

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