Morphing uploaded ,jpegs or .pngs

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to upload an image of a car and have it drive across the screen (yes, I know there are stock images, but we want the one we drew). But, when I have it morph to move, it just appears as a black box. The "move" feature goes too fast. Is there another way to make this effect? How can we get rid of the black box?


  • Hi,

    1) if you want to use a jpg or png to move a car across the screen, Morph won't work. You could use "move-in" instead of  "draw" as the animation type to move the car onto (and across) the canvas. select "no hand" as the drawing hand if you want the car to move on the screen without a hand. Change the move-in speed by changing the animation time for that element.

    2) if you want to use morph then you'll have to draw an SVG image of the car composed of stroked paths with no color fills.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Morphing works using the path data of SVG files. When a PNG or JPG image is imported into VideoScribe SVG paths are added over the top of the underlying bitmap image. When the morph is applied it uses the path data to transform from one image to the next. This is why you see the black box when morphing. The only way around this would be to create your image using an SVG editor such as Inkscape or Illustrator.

    The following links are to articles that show how to create SVGs for use in VideoScribe.

    VideoScribe v1 tutorial – Creating your own SVGs

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    How to make an SVG for VideoScribe in Adobe Illustrator

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