Move to a next scene by clicking instead of pause

  • Team,

    Is it possible for the next release to be able to choose "clicking" as a pause option?

    Now when transferring a scribe into PowerPoint the movie play's and cann't be stopped.

    I believe it would be a great addition to be able to build up your slide by clicking during your talk. When clicking the next scene will than be built up.


    Marco van der Linden

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  • Thanks for your suggestion. We have had a few requests for this and will consider it as a feature for a future release, although we try to encourage thinking differently to classic presentation software such as PowerPoint.

    In the meantime one thing you can do is create a scribe for each slide, render the scribes to your local system and then import them into PowerPoint.

  • This is exactly what I've been requesting. Whilst I fully appreciate you want us to think differently to past presentation software, the fact you have had quite a few requests for this, should surely be more important to you. Your customers are speaking!!!!

    If it is a technical issue, then I fully appreciate there may be difficulties involved - if not, what's the objection to making videoscribe more accessible to everyone, rather than those who just want to think differently?

  • It is being considered as a feature for a future release, so it is very possible this will be implemented, there is no objection.

  • Thanks for letting me know Chris.

    Would move the app into Sainthood for me!!!!

  • So these conversations were from a year ago.  Is this feature being made available.  

    I'd very much like to use Scribe for the slide portion of a presentation, but given that I will be interacting with the audience....I can't preset the slide change times.   

    If I import the scribe video into power I have to click play the video on every slide?  As I want to keep each of what would normally be my complete Scribe story separate.   In this particular instance I will not be using the audio portion of Scribe as I will be delivering that live.

  • There are ways of amending the settings in PowerPoint to play the embedded video in different ways. Check out this Microsoft help page which explains those. Also you can Change the displayed thumbnail so it's part of your scribe and not our logo if you wish. There is a start automatically option so if you split your video out into parts it will play when you move between slides. 

    With regards implementing this idea it's not in the immediate plans but has not been discounted. We tend to review the number of votes each request has to help determine customer popularity as well as also looking at our plans and ideas for the product. So if you would like this one to get reviewed 'Like' the original post as the most popular ideas will always get considered as a higher priority.

  • Thanks Barry.  I will try to do the video in PPT per your suggestion.

  • Without a click to next step feature this product is dead on arrival for my needs an use; this is a no brainer feature and why you have not implemented is really astonishing.  Have you everr actually presented?  if so, then you know packing and flexibility in timing is essenital.  By asking users to break apart the videos using other tools is complex and ultimately a waste of time; I can just as easily make my animations using other tools and while not getting the look and feel your product delivers, it is faster and I a still get my task done.  For me and my team, we have evaluated and must reject this product without this feature.  Have continuous videos without breaks or pause pint control is just troo obvious a feature to not include.


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