how to delay the start of the video

  • hey guys

    just wondering how to delay the START of the first words or images on the video. I start my videos with text and it starts right away. I sometimes like to put a pause at the start of the video but don't know how to delay the start of the first text. Thanks

  • I'm sure there is probably an easier way but what I do is just insert a blank white image and remove the drawing hand.  Then I just set that to any number of seconds that I want.  Hope that helps.

  • thanks sabrina...i just figured that out also haha. I couldnt' figure out how to make it a blank page so i just added a 'dot' or any text and made it white, in case others are trying to figure it out. Appreciate the respose

  • I think that you have to insert a scribble out image without any hand drawing, than adjust the drawing time to your like. If you have a voiceover, than you should insert few seconds of silence in the beginning, using your favorite MP3 audio editor, like Audacity.

  • Im just downloaded Videoscribe but its is not open in my Android mobile. .. Plz. Suggest and tell me..
  • You cannot use videoscribe on android devices. please look for some of the many threads about this topic for more information.

    (September 2018)

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