Turning screen

  • Hello, I have a idea. I make a round image in the kmage ar different words. When i whant to zoom in on eatch word. I whant the screen turn to these words. Maybe its already but i cant find it.
  • If you make the image an SVG containing only stroked paths, you can animate using morph and the rotate tool.

    other types of images won't work as well.

    If you need more specific help with morphing, making images and using the rotate tool, you can find guides and tutorial videos on the Instant Answers page

    -Mike (videoscrib user)


  • It sounds like you would like to do something similar to what Tawe is capable of. Tawe is a new app that is available for iPad.

  • Tawe is a funny/great app but what i mean is to turn the movie, 360 degree  so tekst that  is upside down turn to normal. i hope u understand what i mean.

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